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Line for soft wafer production

Highly efficient fully automatic line from Coral Company for soft wafer production.   

The whole process is fully automatic, starting from batter mixing up to cooling down the final product.

Efficiency 8.0 tons/24 hours.
Electric energy consumption 26.79KW (3~N 380V, 50HZ)
Line’s dimensions 21.0m×8.0m×2.5 m
Weight 23 tons
Amount of final product ≥98
LPG Consumption 32.0 kg/h
LNG Consumption 44.1 m3/h
Heating plates sizes 470×325 mm
Baking time 180 s
Cooling 30 HP
Coolant R22


Component parts of the soft wafer baking line:

1. Baking oven

Control panel: touch screen (Mitsubishi, Japan)

  • Controlling possibility of the programmed - and actual - temperature on the touch screen
  • Electronic indicator of temperature- and wafer amount produced per minute
  • Display/control/adjustment of the transportation speed and disposition
  • Servo mechanisms dispose batter on each baking plate

Oven’s baking system:

  • Upper and lower high voltage burners which ignite itself automatically
  • Gas pressure’s safety-valve, air filters, gas pressure and air switch, manometer and shut-off valve
  • Fan leading the air into the combustion chamber and into the mixture
  • Automatic control system with an infrared sensor
  • Raytex probe measuring temperature on the baking plates
Device Line for soft wafers
Lenght 12840 mm
Width 2300 mm
High 2500 mm
Weight 19000 kg
LPG’s consumption 32 kg/h
Electric energy consumption 17.93 kW (3~N 380V 50Hz)

2. Conveyor


This device transports wafers from oven directly to the cooling station.


Device Conveyor SH-SS
Material X5CrNi18-10
Length 2300 mm
Width 680 mm
Hight 2000 mm
Electric energy consumption 0.18 kW (3~N 380V 50Hz)


3. Spiral cooling cabinet 100M

Spiral Cooling Cabinet 100 m is used for quickly and evenly cooling of the soft wafers right after the baking process. The temperature in the cooler is even in each place. This device fulfills high demands of the hygiene and security.


Device Cooling cabinet 100M SH-LG
Isolation material polyethylene foam PE
Compressor SANYO (Japan)
Valve and filter ALCO (USA)
Electronics Schneider (Niemcy)
Coolant 30 HP
Refrigerant R22
Centrifugal blower

4.0KW 500×550 Pa

13000-18000 m³/h

Adjustable cooling 0~5 °C
Lenght 7245 mm
Width 5500 mm
Height 2400 mm
Power installed 3.18 kW (3~N 380V 50Hz)


4.  Turbine mixer for soft wafer batter.   

This device consists of two containers made out of stainless steel: one container is used for mixing of the batter’s ingredients,  second container is used for storage of the batter.

Device is equipped with steering panel with water control possibility, mixing time and batter dosage into the oven for baking of soft wafers.


Device Turbine mixer for soft wafer's batter SH-DJ
Material X5CrNi18-10
Electronics Schneider (Niemcy)
Length 1860 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 1600 mm
Power supply 5.5 kW (3~N 380V 50Hz)
Pump 4 m³/h, 8mH2O

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