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Turbine mixer

The turbine mixer manufactured by our firm is designed for preparing of the fluid component of any recipe, applied in food industry - e.g. dough for wafer baking, fluid fillings (pulps), sauces, ketchup. The turbine mixing system enables accurate and fast grinding and mixing of components. Time to obtain well-mixed and aerated pulp is about 1,5 to 2 min.
We manufacture generally mixers with tanks overall capacity - 100 l and rational speed - 900 rpm.
We can also produce a turbine mixer having other parameters, adjusting to Your needs. The installation is equipped with rollers with the built-in brake, which enables easy displacement in any place. In the bottom of the tank a drain valve is fixed, enabling pouring out ready mixture into any vessel. The device is operated by one person.  It is made of high-quality materials, admitted to contact with food products. It is also durable, easy and safe in maintenance.

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