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Machine for baking wafer type „Wafer Leaves”

Automatic four-iron machine for baking 24 pieces of wafer "Wafer Leaves" fi 150 mm.

Semi automatic 3 irons machinery for baking flat round wafers fi 90

A two-iron set machine for baking wafer type „Leaves” with temperature and time of baking  control and a mechanical two row filling device for the dough which allows with one motion of a hand a simultaneous dose of a adequate portion of a dough for 12 pieces of baking wafer. A special shape of the dough’s tank’s bottom allows taking out the liquid dough even with its minimal amount.


Two irons set for baking flat wafers a "leaves type" with automatic batter dosage, automatic opening and closing of irons


Exemplary wafers which can be baked using our machine set WP2.

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