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About us

We are the company having sixty years' tradition. Our main product is the machinery for baking wafers/cornets for ice cream as well as flat or shaped wafers (balls, pipes, scrolls, fingers). We  produce as well turbine mixers for wafer dough, machines and equipment for cutting and smear as well for filling in the wafers. So far we have manufactured about 3000 machines for production and treatment of wafers. Our machinery is characterized by servicing facility, high productivity and long service life. They have a good reputation both in Poland and abroad (among others in Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Azerbaijan,Israel, Brasil,Chile, Belarus, USA).

KOCULA company provides one year warranty and equips machines with necessary spare parts. Our equipment is labeled with the CE marking and it undergoes proceeding of conformance finished with issuing a conforming declaration with all necessary UE’s directives.


Automatic machinery for baking wafer cones
Automatic machinery for baking ice-cream cones
Mechanized cutter for flat, thin (1 mm) wafer sheets

Firma Kocuła
ul. Wiśniowa 5
Mokronos Dolny
55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie

tel.: +48  71 363 50 15



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